The Story

Please, take a seat. You’ll be here for a while.
Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Let these creatures welcome you…

They’ll keep you company. Give you a taste of a dark surreal experience.
Don’t be afraid just yet… Perhaps they will spare you this time around.
After all… the nastiest thing they can do to you will only be virtual.

But… then again… You will probably be wishing you were in a real dream.


DreadEye VR is a virtual reality experience that allows you to become an Indonesian shaman (dukun).
Craft and combine ingredients as you practice an ancient ritual, opening the gate to the spirit realm to commune with the dead.
Immerse yourself in terrifying experiences set in haunted rural Indonesia and discover the gruesome horrors lurking in the shadows!

DreadEye VR for HTC Vive and Oculus CV

Design and developed from the ground for fully immersive VR experiences and gameplay.
DreadEye VR is our attempt to make a unique approach to get a fully terrifying horror experience on VR.

1. Follow instructions
Consult the book for step-by-step methods to summon spirits.

2. Cook ingredients
Use the bowl to prepare ritual ingredients that require it.

3. Reset when necessary
If things get messy, use the hourglass to think it over and start again from scratch.

4. Summon the ghost
Complete the ritual and call upon the restless dead.

5. Find the ghost
Use your flashlight to illuminate the ghost.

6. Commune with the dead
Enter the spiritual world and endure the horror.


Combine, Craft, and Commune
Combine ingredients to commune with the dead.

Enter the Spiritual realm
Overcome numerous puzzles in a unique Indonesian rural setting.

Battle Spirits
Endure the non-stop torment from the evil spirits that will slowly devour your soul.

Learn more about Indonesian spirits from the DreadOut™ universe
Delve deeper into terrifying ghost lore from the DreadOut universe.



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